Sampler 2016

by Dream Atlantic Records

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released August 27, 2016



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Track Name: Valliers - Misery
Slave to my own misery.

I just can't seem to get myself out of this void,
I am forever drawing a blank.
Losing sight of who I am,
Watching everyone else succeed,
While I wallow in my misery.

I'm losing my grip and I'm so scared that I'll just wither away.
I'm losing my grip and days fly by, while I wallow in my misery.

I let your absence get a hold on me,
I can't find the strength to do anything.
Failing again and again,
I am nothing but a disappointment at best.

Thirteen years of your suffering projected on to me,
Sucking me down, pulling me further and further.
Feeding my apathy.
How am I supposed to shed this negativity?

I just wanted to make something of myself,
But you made a mess of me.

You had a look on your face that said,
"I couldn't be more disappointed in you if I tried".

I know you think you failed me,
But I can't blame you anymore, I've only failed myself.

I know you think you failed me,
But I can be so much more,
Let me spread my wings and soar.
Track Name: Chapter - Shattered Wrists
Chance after chance I have given back
Everything you ever gave to me
I’m sick of looking at myself
Through the eyes of a broken man

Night after night drinking myself to death
Thinking how to escape what makes me me
This must be my destiny
God I fucking hate you

After everything we have done
Throughout this life together
It has come undone
But I will never forget the times
You said you loved me
(I will never forget the times)
You said you needed me
(You said that you needed me)
It was all a lie

Just look how far I have fallen from this life
Now you want to bring me back,
Bring me back to my feet
I’m pushing and pulling with shattered wrists

I’ve got pictures of places I’ll never go back
So keep your weak wrists and colored past
With the last thing that you say
I hope you choke on the words and never look back

And I swear until that day
I’ll never look back
(I’ll never look back)
And I swear until that day
I’ll never look back
(I’ll never look back)

When another day’s time cannot suffice our own unrest
With every breath expelled we leave ourselves behind
Just like everything forever in the past
For what it’s worth, it’s the price we pay