What I Choose To Keep

by Take Shape

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Released digitally and physically worldwide through Dream Atlantic Records. Physicals available via www.dreamatlanticrecords.com

100% of the money donated will be put towards Ian's medical treatment.


released September 3, 2015

Artwork by - Alex Foster Illustrations



all rights reserved


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Track Name: I Am Home
I've been running all my life. I've been running far too long. Taking it all in. Where I am. Everything into myself.

I've been talking to people I don't know. Something about this place makes me want to go home. Take me back. To the place where I felt something.

I am home. But it's not here. I just want to go. Take me home. This could be the one (town) but I dont know. It feels almost right but, it's not home. This place is not my home.

Standing on the edge of everything I know. All things break on this long and dusty road.

But times are changing. Will I ever find my home?
Track Name: Broken Prize
Engine dead on the road. No one stops to even ask me where I go. It doesn't matter. I'm still miles away from your beautiful, illuminated glow. You hold me up against the standards I will never meet again. Yet the cold glass still remains in my hand. You have to want to change, for it to happen.

I'll see you and I'll cry because we cant hit the road. But at least ill know your safe and alive. Ill take my consolation prize. Know if my heart's beating, I am fighting.

You're always there to break my fall. You're always there to take that call from me. And when I forget who I am, you show me exactly where I stand. In your arms I'm broken. Falling into a million pieces. Heal me when I'm broken. Put me back together again.

We all go to trial someday. Keep the fire burning. You showed me how to love again. I created you and I see you in myself.
Track Name: Worlds Away
Up that high I know whats coming. Why do I need to feel this way? Put me down im scared of falling. I need to hear someone say;

"I know that you feel so alone, so do I". (Im demanding what should be earned). My life requires change but I dont know. So help me try. (No reply. I'll just shrug it off and be alone again)

It doesnt look that far but I am worlds away from everything I know. Everything I love. But I can see it. I can see you. I need your help again. I was never taught the lessons I needed. I've never felt a pain so bad, yet I always repeat it.

My tests of will have made scared to die. And I know when I choose to live this way im not really alive.

Alive and breathing. Im still here alone. I feel so far away.
Track Name: Exactly
Ive Broken off. Im Doing what I can, to consider myself a decent person. Someone you can call a man of his word. Lean your weight against me, the secrests that hurt you to hold are as safe as can be.

I know that theres nothing wrong with me. Its When I open my mouth youre not listening. Show me you give a fuck about what I say. I show you what I think, you shoot it down then you use it anyway.

The world is watching now. Put on your smile like clothes then rip them off incase someone else might know that your a friend to me. I will stay on course and follow the plan exactly.

I never asked you of anything. But I know your willing to show me you're not listening.