Halfway Home

by Create To Inspire



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released August 18, 2014

Dream Atlantic Records.
Recorded by Daniel Kerr, Avenue Studios.



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Track Name: In Light
This is the start, I am alive and this is my story. I'm sitting alone in a chair with my life flashing before me. Times pass and people change but will I ever be the same? I said to myself, 'don't look in that mirror'. It shows you a life that you once knew. I see a reflection of what I'm meant to be. Even the sighted are blinded by the things that they can achieve. I'm a portrait of my own dreams. In dark places, we found the light. We found the light x2 I said to myself, 'don't look in that mirror'. It shows you a life that you once knew. We all have a calling in life x2
Track Name: Changes
We used to be so close but things will always change. I'm not the same as I used to be. I've become something more than this. I'll see you when the tides change course. I feel you inside my heart. I'm content with the world around me, a gap in time has set me free. Pick up the pace and follow your dreams. This life I know is torn at the seams. I will keep writing these stories. The books we write will change our lives. So I will turn the pages and read it from the fucking start. So I will turn the pages. Stay close to me. Stay close to me and we'll change the world together. You and me.
Track Name: Halfway Home
I need to be alone to learn from my mistakes, my heart's been shattered to the point of no return but I'm still standing tall. Have faith in yourself, the message is clear. I will keep pushing forward. Friends and family will always be there by my side. I am the strength beyond weakness. I've been through shit but I refuse to fall. I have all the time in the world to keep the light shining on. I have it all, I have everything and nothing. Sail to the edge of the world with me. Friends and family will always be there by my side. It's safe to say that I have everything I need right here.
Track Name: Foundations
You will never change what I do. Drift apart from the fake and fight for the true. Shattered bones and rusted hearts. I've always had your back from the start. We built these streets on false hope from broken homes with tired rope. I've tried so hard to keep this pain at bay. But all I've lost is why I'm afraid. Back, back it up. I have to pick myself back up again. I built my home on these foundations. My mind is filled with self doubt and curiosity. I've asked myself so many fucking questions. What do I do? Where do I go from here? Is there anything left for me at all? There's a place I will never forget. I've been searching and searching and searching for myself. These scars don't heal the same. They're now a fucking part of me x2
Track Name: Shatter/Rebuild
There is a road that leads me far away from here. It's harder to breathe. My lungs collapse. My heart is torn between love and life. These things have become the hardest part of me. I built myself again upon this place called home. There is a life beyond this winding road. There is a dream inside my own head. To live each day is to live it your own way. The clocks tick backwards but life moves forward. I'm lost in time. My head is spinning over this. Life is what you make it so live it well. These are my scars, I wear them well. Passion lives inside us all. We are the dreamers. You are the believers.